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Iced Tea & Summertime

Is it summer yet? 

Our family really enjoys spending time outdoors-  especially during the summer.  We have a back patio, and outdoor kitchen- so we try to get out there as much as we can when the weather is nice. 

With summer being right around the corner, my family is going to be begging for all the iced tea. Typically I’ll find myself dodging their request, because honestly making tea can sometimes be an added task in my busy life.  

I am so excited to have the Capresso Iced Tea Maker, it is already a hit in our family. This iced tea maker has helped SIMPLIFY, prepping drinks for entertaining company. I’m very eager to try different types of tea recipes with this iced tea maker, I think peach tea might be my next one! 

This is my first experience using an iced tea maker, I typically just boil water, then transport everything into a pitcher – truthfully I end up making a huge mess. That was the first thing I noticed when using this iced tea maker- LESS MESS! I really like that it is dishwasher safe, and you can add fresh or frozen fruit to give your tea an added touch! This pitcher is 80 oz, and it is glass. The iced tea maker also has a removable permanent filter for loose tea, or tea bags. This makes everything so easy for you, especially if you’re into entertaining. I was also super impressed with how quickly it brewed the tea, I felt like by the time I hit the start button within minutes we had freshly brewed iced tea!

I personally love a good tea from Starbucks, but the nearest one is an hour away. I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect recipe, and took matters into my own hands. I came up with  a delicious recipe perfect for summer. If you like strawberries, I suggest trying this- plus side: it’s easy too! 

This recipe is simple, and requires little effort.

4 tea bags


1-2 cups of sugar

lemon juice

You’ll definitely want to try this for summer, you’ll thank me later!

Overall, I love the Capresso Iced Tea maker- the simplicity of making tea is my favorite part about it. I also love the easy clean up, as well as the sturdy pitcher. Right now my life is chaotic- this iced tea maker has made things a little easier when it comes to making tea, or iced coffee! I am really excited to try coffee next, I am already browsing different coffee recipes to try out. 

This iced tea maker would also make a great gift for Mother’s Day, or even for the highschool graduate who’s heading off to college. We all know the last thing any mom, or college kid wants is something that is a pain to clean, not only that but something sturdy is important as well.

Cheers to a fun summer ahead, with a lot of iced tea & coffee recipes coming your way!

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